The Colorist Concept

Hello Artists!! All orders placed,
will ship on June 25th 
Brush-up's are designed and made by me.
While working I was constantly dropping my brush on the shop floor, causing me to stop and clean the brush repeatedly. Sometimes I use multiple brushes at a time. I found myself constantly setting down the brushes in random places and not being able to find what I need in the moment. The life of a scatter brained artist!! So I created this concept while watching my local ceramics instructor. The Brush-ups are made of clay, handmade right here in the state of Kentucky. This first design will come in two sizes. Brush-up 3, will hold 3 brushes and Brush-up 5, will hold 5 brushes. Pretty simple, right!? 
Hope you enjoy! Please be patient with us as we learn about this new market. Thank you and check back often for pre-orders!
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